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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Styling Cost?

Styling should be considered as an investment on the potential return on a property.  Research has shown that a well furnished home can potentially add upwards of 7.5% to the value of the home.  With no two houses the same our prices for styling vary based on the vendors needs.  We offer a range of packages from lux to minimalistic to suit any budget. Prices start from $1500 for a fully furnished home.  

What are the payment terms? 

For the full furniture hire service we require full payment before move in day.

How much notice do you need?

We like as much notice as possible.  This gives us plenty of time to get ourselves organised.  However we don't mind doing those last minute jobs either. 

I have furniture already, can you still style my home?

Absolutely, we offer a Styling Consulting service where we offer our advise on how to get the most out of your property with your furniture. The consultation is followed up with our Styling Consultation Report outlining all our Stylist's recommendations.  This a no obligation to hire service.  Styling Consultation with a written report Cost $160.   

How long is the hire period for the furniture & Accessiories?

Our standard hire term is 6 week hire from move in day.  This allows a week for photography and a 5 week sale campaign.  But if you need a different hire term we can usually accommodate this.

What if my home doesn't sell in the 6 weeks?

No problem, you have the option to extend your contract on a week to week basis or you can elect to have the furniture removed. 

What if my home sells in less than 6 weeks? Can I return the furniture early?

That is a fantastic result, and what we all want to achieve, however the hire is for 6 weeks.  You are more than welcome to return the furniture early however there are no refunds.

Does the house need to be vacant to hire the furniture?

No not at all, you are welcome to enjoy our pieces while you still live in the home.

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